Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Vol. 1. No. 4 February 2015

February 2015. Word of the month, 'busy'.  The goal? To stay focused, no matter what. FreedomInk Publishing released 'Teach Me', the 2nd urban erotic novel by author Phoenix. We began the publishing process via initial proofs after rigorous editing of yet another book, Mellie Miller's 2nd title penned in the Esperance Series. 'Viviane, First Lady' is fantasy fiction. It's futuristic, historical, paranormal. Prepare for the literary ride of a lifetime. Valentine's Day has come and gone. The night sky was a myriad of constellation beauty. Did you see Jupiter? Venus? Mars? Google featured a very cool, however lightyears away, image of the Heart Nebula (pictured here).

The Heart Nebula, IC 1805, Sh2-190, lies some 7500 light years away from Earth and is located in the Perseus Arm of the Galaxy in the constellation Cassiopeia. This is an emission nebula showing glowing gas and darker dust lanes. The nebula is formed by plasma of ionized hydrogen and free electrons. {Wikipedia}
What else? I've been publishing and quilting up a storm... And reading too! I've decided that while it is very much possible, I'd prefer not to run 'Social Readia' all by my lonesome. I'm seeking regular contributors. The main source of compensation is exposure. I'd love to make you an official extension of #TeamFreedomInk .
February 2015 zoomed by, and in the blink of an eye and just 28 days, it was over. I do apologize for the missed issue. Let's see if I can make up for it with some awesome literary stuff, in this new month.
Happy reading,
Katandra Jackson Nunnally, CEO at FreedomInk Publishing
*Forward samples of your writings to freedomink@yahoo.com OR katandra@freedomink365.com SUBJECT LINE: Social Readia Contributor

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