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Summer 2015--
The summer solstice is upon us. The hottest days of the year in Northern Hemisphere. Nights are short, days are long and I continue to urge everyone to read more books. But something amazing has occurred. Just as I've reached the end of my rope and just about given up all hope, I'm beginning to see that perhaps all that begging and pleading has not been in vain. My children are reading more. My friends are sharing the titles of the books they're reading, as well as their thoughts and suggestions. My husband is reading. My mother is reading. Insert pinch HERE! Is this real? What happened to change the status quo? I have no doubt that we've still got a long way to go before the scale is tipped as social media and television is abandoned and those literary gems are picked up... But a start is a start is a start and that is a beautiful thing.
Happy reading,
Katandra Jackson Nunnally (a.k.a Kat)
CEO at FreedomInk Publishing
*Check out my personal Goodreads Challenge to read 24 books this year. I've read 15 books thus far! As my husband says, "You're on a reading roll!" What can I say? I love to read!
Summer officially begins June 21st and we at FreedomInk Publishing are ready to begin the 5th Annual Reading is Retro Summer Challenge. We began 5 years ago when I was living in Atlanta, Georgia. The year was 2011, we didn't select a group read that year. Here are the group reads of previous years as well as the selection for this year's group read.
  • 2012- Running With Scissors
  • 2013- Little Bee
  • 2014- The Fault In Our Stars
  • 2015- God Help the Child
The challenge is to read 10 books during the 13 weeks of summer. Here is my reading list, in no particular order.

  1. The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon
  2. Deadrise by Robert Whitehill
  3. God Help the Child by Toni Morrison
  4. Naked by David Sedaris
  5. The Convict and The Rose by Jan Sikes
  6. The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen
  7. On the Couch by Alisa Kwitney
  8. The Street by Ann Petry
  9. Snow Flower and The Secret Fan by Lisa See
  10. Wayne of Gotham by Tracy Hickman

I love romance fiction, however I make it a point to read books that take me out of my comfort genre. Oh the fun of falling into the literary realms of fantasy, faraway, forgotten, foreign worlds. Select 9 books of your choosing and  join us July 5th for the group read.

Event kickoff... I'll be giving away a freebie autographed copy of Jareth First Lord by FreedomInk Author Mellie Miller. Join the Facebook event ---> by June 15th. I'll enter all names of Guests who have rsvp'd. Day 1 of the summer reading challenge is June 21st. What books have made your 'To Read' list? Y'all please don't forget to share the event and invite your friends. Let's make this book thang' a social thang'. Happy reading & happy summer to ya!
~Katandra Jackson Nunnally, CEO at FreedomInk Publishing
CEO & Author at FreedomInk Publishing
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March 2015--
March is Women's History Month. As a woman CEO & Author, I am reminded during this righteous observance, of the struggles women had to endure before we could reach a platform where our voices are not only heard, they are sought and respected. I cannot imagine a time when we were silenced. When men were deemed more important and anything we had to say was of little to no worth. Though I know such a time did exist and still does in some parts of the world. I applaud the women of today. Boldly utilizing the freedom of speech & press. May we continue to release joy, happiness, pain, fictions, truths, words, voices, our stories!

Image: Art Selfie! Sexy Bookwork! Fishnets, stilettos, tattoos, pink hair & BOOKS!! So me. Heyyy, she's my Pin Up Alias. Created by Owch Illustrations. Commission your very own custom art. Contact Owch at
March is Women's History Month and the Ladies are taking over...

This month I've chosen to highlight books composed by women Authors. Check the sidebars.
On another note, I am currently, actively seeking online magazine Contributors. My hands are often busy and it's hard to oversee every aspect of each month's issue. I need you! Please submit writing samples to OR .
Happening in my world this month.
  • Dr. Seuss Birthday/Read Across America Day-- March 2
  • SAVE THE DATE: March 14, 2015 The Strut Awards Ceremony 7-9 p.m Smyrna Community Center, 200 Village Green Cir, Smyrna, GA. FreedomInk Publishing / 2015 Strut Awards Vendor Showcase, 6 pm till 7 pm. Open and free for the public to attend.
The team is preparing to release Mellie Miller's 2nd FreedomInk title, 'Viviane, First Lady' as well as celebrate with Sonya Stegall via her very 1st presale event. Her debut title, 'Thickly From Within', an erotic compilation of poetry, is set to be released April 2015, just in time for National Poetry Month.
As usual, there is always some FreedomInk event going on... Project READ365 is a community outreach endeavor that is on a year long mission to encourage more people to read. Join FreedomInk's 'Reading is Retro & Retro is Cool' Bookclub... 
Katandra Shanel Jackson Nunnally (a.k.a Kat)

Vol. 1. No. 5. Social Readia. FreedomInks' FREE Online Literary Magazine. March 2015.

February 2015---
Can you say, busy bee, or um er, busy Kat!!

January 2015---
Happy New Year World! 2015. The Chinese Year of The Sheep. New beginnings. A chance to hit the reset button. Do over. Start again. Or simply an opportunity to pick up where we left off so that we may each make a valiant effort to make this go 'round even better than the last. With that said, I'm still pondering, 'What is the future of books?" And as the months go by, the future is looking brighter and brighter! Something I've been seeing more of as of late, men reading! It wasn't a very commonplace thing to see boys and men reading as I was growing up. I suppose being the main breadwinner in those days didn't leave much leisure time to lounge around and read books. It is a sacrifice just as much now as it was then. There may never be enough hours in the day to do everything. We have to carve out the time to enhance our minds and our lives with books! Men keep reading. The world is watching you.

The end of 2014 at FreedomInk Publishing saw the release of two amazing books!  'Darkness Before the Dawn' by Dawn Miller and 'Carnal Sobriety' by Katandra Shanel Jackson. We brought in the New Year with a few new names on the roster! Renae Laurent Jackson, Davina Stephens & Brenden Freeman. As usual, there is always some FreedomInk event going on... Project READ365 is a community outreach endeavor that is on a year long mission to encourage more people to read. Join us...
January 2015, join the 6:12 Promise { }.
February 2015, D.E.A.R Valentine (Drop Everything And Read){ }
Katandra Shanel Jackson Nunnally (a.k.a Kat)

Vol. 1. No. 3. Social Readia. FreedomInks' FREE Online Literary Magazine. January 2015.

December  2014---
Riddle me this. What is the future of books? I've been asking those closest to me, I've been silently observing those around me, I've been pondering openly this question. Some feel that the future of books is bright. Others, not so. Mostly due to the ever increasing amount of technology that is easily within our grasp. Nobody is reading these days,  unless it's a social media status update or a tweet! Paperbacks and hardbacks have been traded for Iphones and Facebook accounts. Don't get your britches in a twist. I'm not knocking technology. Without it, I'd be unable to share this blog with you Dear Reader! What I am frowning upon however is the amount of time we spend logged in and unattached from the world. You'd think that with the amount of socializing we do, we'd be more in touch with society as a whole. But in my opinion, quite the opposite is true! We have become overly engaged, desensitized, social media zombies! The socially dead. The cure. Books. Good old fashioned paperbacks and hardbacks. The feel of a dust jacket underneath your fingertips.  For me the problem with eReaders is the distraction of the rest of the world when all I really want to do is lose myself deep within whatever novel I'm reading. By the way, historical romance and erotica are my favorites I've recently discovered. I read what I like. I read a lot. I'm on a lifelong mission to encourage those I know to read more. The words, the books, they are my passion. I invite you to help me make this book thang a social thang.  And as far as the future of books is concerned... I believe I see the light!

It is my deepest desire, my passion, my mission to connect Readers & Writers. To engage & challenge those that are intimidated at the thought of getting lost inside a book. At FreedomInk Publishing we believe we can change the World. 1 Author. 1 book. 1 Reader at a time. Welcome to Social Readia!

Will you join us in this mission and commit to READ365? Day 1 begins now!


Katandra Shanel Jackson Nunnally (a.k.a Kat)

P.S We're in the midst of a fundraiser. We'd love your help. FreedomInk's online bookstore is going local. Help Kat raise the funds to put books on the shelves! It's a major transition going from strictly online to an actual physical location that people can come to and purchase books. We're all excited. Thanks in advance for your help. We're 1/10 to our goal!
Vol. 1. No. 2. Social Readia. FreedomInks' FREE Online Literary Magazine. December 2014.

November 2014---
What can I say about the future of books? Where shall I begin? How shall I start this rant? How do I go about explaining this gradual phenomena? I’ll tell you all a little story…

Once upon a time there was a Barnes and Noble that was closed and in it’s place a Beauty Supply Store emerged. The End!

Okay. Okay. So it’s not that simple. I’m not certain the details surrounding the brick & mortar bookstore coming to it’s demise. I just know that one morning I received a text that put me totally on edge. FreedomInk Author, Trinette Collier delivered the news and I must admit, I was livid, angry, upset, saddened. It dawned on to me in that moment that the majority of society has placed it’s values in trivial things. What’s another beauty supply store compared to the chapters, the characters, the countless books that provide so much depth. Oh how they enrich the communities we live in!

This little story is just the tippy top of the iceberg. I am uncertain what the future of books is. In an age of so much technology, I feel we are losing precious readers every time another person logs into a  Social Media site. Which brings me to the title of this literary gem before your very eyes.

Social Readia. It is my deepest desire, my passion, my mission to connect Readers & Writers. To engage & challenge those that are intimidated at the thought of getting lost inside a book. At FreedomInk Publishing we believe we can change the World. 1 Author. 1 book. 1 Reader at a time.

Will you join us in this mission and commit to READ365? Day 1 begins now!


Katandra Shanel Jackson Nunnally (a.k.a Kat)

 *We're accepting submissions. The dragon is defeated by the words of your testimony. What’s your story? Write… Do you have what it takes to be a FreedomInk Author? Well, here’s your chance to prove your worth in words! Submit 25 pages of your best draft to the CEO,, along with an in depth proposal. Include cover design idea, proposed book title, a brief bio, overall synopsis and expected finish date of manuscript. Accepting fiction, non fiction, poetry, short stories, romance, erotica, science fiction,,, If you compose it, we’ll consider it. Please allow up to 5 weeks for a   reply. G’luck and happy writing! ~Kat.


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