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June 21, 2015 is Father's Day. But when you're a great dad, everyday is Father's Day. Dads all over the world, I encourage you to read to your children. They will never forget that one on one time with you! Happy Father's Day!

Look who got caught reading-- Daddy, Charles & Daughter, AlizaJean. What a beautiful moment. One that she'll cherish for a lifetime!


March 2015--- Into the 3rd month of the year already. Where is the time getting away to?
Oooh look see, sweet Olivyia. Her Grandmother Marlowe Alcott is an avid reader and she is introducing the little one while she is still young and impressionable. Keep up the great work Marlowe. Happy reading Olivyia! {Reading: Bear Snores On

January 2015--- Happy New Year World! Take a look and see just who got caught reading...

La' Trishia reads to Eve, a few weeks before baby girl made her debut in the world! It's never too early to introduce the next generation to books and instill in them, an early love of words!

La' Trishia is the mother of two, a proud wife and a fan of SunKissed Under A Georgia Sky Quilted Blankets by Kat!
Vol. 1. No. 3. Social Readia. FreedomInks' FREE Online Literary Magazine. January 2015.

December 2014---
Look  who got caught reading. It's Paris!!! Totally submerged in the words and discovering 'Why Is The Moon Following Me?' by Yolanda McKinnon.
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November 2014---
Look who got caught reading. The Ashleys Get Lost In a Wonderland of Words!


Photo Top: Ashley Jackson of South East Georgia; Photo Bottom: Ashley Stegall of Atlanta Georgia.

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