We recently had the opportunity to interview the guy with the coolest title in the world. Don't believe me? Meet Mr. Aaron Sparks. Check out this Q & A. See who he is and what he does. I believe you'll agree. Coolest career ever! Enjoy this Social Readia Exclusive Interview!

Greetings Mrs. Jackson,
Let me begin by thanking you again for the opportunity to be included in your publications, and I am looking forward to working with you, FreedomInk and the other amazing authors!  Let’s dive right into it then:

-Tell me about you. What is your background? (SR)
I’m from the small city of Warren, Ohio; born and raised…an on the playground is really where I spent most of my days. I graduated from Warren G. Harding High School way back in 2001. From there I studied Music and Marketing at the University of Akron. During my studies I worked for Interscope, Capital, and Atlantic Records in the marketing departments for the east coast.

-How did you come into this career? (SR)
I've had a passion for the spirits industry which like for most, started in college. In the beginning I wanted to own my own bar; a speakeasy where I specialized in my personal favorites…classic cocktails. I pursed my interest and expanded my palate by attending cocktail conferences throughout the country, bartending schools, and mentoring with other bartenders. During this time I noticed a lack of innovation in the local drinking scene. Why is it that we insist on ordering Ciroc and cranberry…Henny on the rocks? It’s not because they lack creativity but because they weren't aware of the alternatives. I sought to fill this void by creating the change by giving people a taste of “Modern Nostalgia™; taking them back to the Golden Age of the cocktail era but maintain the flair of today’s cocktails. Drinking shouldn’t only feel good – it should taste good too. Thus Mxology 21 was born; bringing you a lifestyle in a glass.

-What is Mxology 21? (SR)
I've always said that a bartender to a mixologist is what a cook is to a chef. A bartender should be well versed on the classic cocktails, speedy, efficient and be knowledgeable about liquors and spirits. A bar patron goes to their neighborhood bartender for the old faithful rum and coke or vodka cranberry. They visit their mixologist to be taken by surprise with a new cocktail.  A mixologist, on the other hand, masters the skills of a bartender but refines them to create innovative new cocktails setting the stage for tomorrow’s classics…and that’s who Mxology 21 is…mixology for the 21st century.

-What is your job title and description? (SR)
I am the owner/ Libation Architect. Within that I create/design custom and unique cocktails for all events.

-What type of drink would you suggest for me?
-What would it consist of and how do you name it? (SR)
For you I would suggest my Professor which consists of; Sweet Vermouth, Angostura Bitters, Orange Bitters, Tawny Port and Clement VSOP. When naming a cocktail. , they tend to be named after the guests that I make them for, I look at the color, style and taste. After a few taste tests I bring in my witty wordplay and come up with something clever.
*Mr. Aaron Sparks has created a signature drink for FreedomInk Author, Phoenix. The sinfully decadent drink has been named, Pink ErotiQ. Like Mxology 21 at Facebook.
Vol. 1. No. 5. Social Readia. FreedomInks' FREE Online Literary Magazine. March 2015.

January 2015---
With the exchange of pleasantries, talk of the holidays, children and the crazy unusual weather we're having, Brooklyn native/resident/Author, Keith Kareem Williams reveals his current WIP (work in progress), how he conjures us the title of a new book, what inspires him to write and what 2015 has in store...

Social Readia: What is your current WIP?
Keith Kareem Williams: 'War Angels III' is currently under composition. The book has touches of paranormal but ties in with the first two books in the trilogy.

Social Readia: Any pressure with deciding to pen a trilogy?
Keith Kareem Williams: Yes! There is a lot of pressure. Over time, Author styles change. One of my main concerns with each book was to dismiss cliffhangers. I wanted the Readers to feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of each book.

SR: How long did it take from book one until the estimated stop date on book 3, to compose the trilogy in its entirety?
KKW: The process of writing the trilogy will take me about 1 1/2 years to complete.

Social Readia: I am looking forward to reading my 2nd book penned by you. What novel precedes and follows 'Glass Goddesses, Concrete Walls'?
Keith Kareem Williams: Before, 'Sometimes Brooklyn, Mostly Mars'. After, 'War Angel I'.

SR: How did you come up with the title, 'Glass Goddesses, Concrete Walls'?
KKW: The book originally had a different title, but as the story developed, the title came to mind. I usually title the book before I begin writing in earnest. The title keeps me focused. With 'Glass Goddesses, Concrete Walls' I wanted to pay homage to women and the title was a reminder of that which is sometimes easily broken.

SR: What inspires you (to write)?
KKW: Everyday life. I pay attention to my surroundings. I notice facial expressions and conversations taking place. I have a very vivid imagination. I will begin working on a murder mystery this year. The idea came from a news article. I get my best ideas in the shower and I actively keep a journal.

SR: What was the last book that you read?
KKW: One of the last books I've read was 'Anybody's Somebody' by FreedomInk Author, Phoenix. I make a conscious effort to read not yet popular works by temporarily unknown authors. I also like to support independent Publishers. Another book I had a chance to read recently is 'City of The Guardians' by Bee l. Kirk... And 'Kindred Spirits' by May Torres.
Social Readia: Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?
Keith Kareem Williams: None of us is getting any younger. I'd like to eat healthier. Continue to improve mind, body and spirit. Travel more.
SR: What can the World expect from you in 2015?
KKW: War Angels III. A 2nd anthology which is the follow-up to 'Crossroads'. I'm working on an eye opening, thought provocative, compilation of prose about my experience as a New York native, with law enforcement. Where I'm from the police force is nothing more than a sanctioned gang with their own code. Cops act more like Correctional Officers. My overall experience has led me to relocate in a quieter neighborhood.
SR: How can Readers keep in touch with you?
KKW: @ReemAfterDark via Twitter and Instagram.
Social Readia: Keith, what do you feel is the future of books?
Keith Kareem Williams: The future of books is reflective of the ever growing technology available to us today. Books are going mostly digital. Electronic books dominate the market. However, that doesn't mean we'll see the extinction of physical books. Paperbacks will always be around. More and more they are becoming a novelty item. Physical books. Autographed. These literary treasures are irreplaceable and will always be valuable.
*Get 'Glass Goddesses, Concrete Walls' by Keith Kareem Williams.
Vol. 1. No. 3. Social Readia. FreedomInks' FREE Online Literary Magazine. January 2015.

December 2014---
To be transparent is to be understood. Going into my very informal style of interviewing, this gentleman made it clear early in the conversation that he bears no hidden agendas. Meet the man of the hour. Mr. Quinton Morgan. Relationship Advocate, Author of 'Male Baggage' and overall good guy!

Social  Readia: Who is Quinton Morgan?
Quinton Morgan: I'm pretty transparent. What you see is what you get. I'm a lover, protector and a provider. I was born in Daytona Beach Florida to a two parent household. Both my mother and father instilled in me the importance of family. We were a tight knit family growing up and still are. The women are the matriarchs of the family. My father is a very uplifting man who supported the family. His chivalry was very inspiring. I can remember an incident in my childhood when my father gave my mother his coat. It was the dead of winter and I thought to myself, "Wow, he must be cold.". The example he set before me on how to treat women never left me.
Social Readia: Tell me about your new book, 'Male Baggage'.
Quinton Morgan: The title 'Male Baggage' is a metaphor for the different types of men that women encounter. The Scumbag or the Player. The Overnight bag or the guy that is known to hit it and quit it. Each chapter houses an answer for how to deal with these types of men. My solution may not be THE solution, but it is a solution and certainly worth checking out!
Social Readia: Alright. I like the sound of this book. As a woman you said it best, I have indeed encountered several types of men during my dating lifetime. So what do you call the guy that proposes unexpectedly in an attempt to keep a woman from moving on?
Quinton Morgan: That man is what is known as an 'octopus'. He has 8 arms but each can only extend so far. He's determined to hold on and even though he's not really ready to commit, he refuses to let go.
Social Readia: Hmm. Sounds like a guy I know. Lol. So where did the idea for the book come from?
Quinton Morgan: Personal experiences and seeing personally what women were dealing with. I know first hand that the number one rule to being a Player is you have to lie. I've been that guy.
Social Readia: What inspires you?
Quinton Morgan: God! Women... The woman is the mother of the Earth. I believe men need to do better in taking care of the woman!
Social Readia: What are some of the books lining your bookshelves? What authors are you reading?
Quinton Morgan: Michael Baisden's 'The Maintenance Man'. Steve Harvey.
Social  Readia: What do you feel is the future of books?
Quinton Morgan: I feel the future of books is very bright.
Social Readia: Any last remarks?
Quinton Morgan: Not only am I a Relationship Advocate & new Author, I'm also a Personal Trainer. "Building faith is like building muscle"
Like Quinton Morgan the Relationship Advocate at Facebook 
 'Male Baggage Understanding The Burdens and Inpediments That Men Bring Into Relationships'

Vol. 1. No. 2. Social Readia. FreedomInks' FREE Online Literary Magazine. December 2014.

November 2014---
Big brother, Nash Mitchell, reveals in an intimate conversation, what it was like growing up with younger brother Kenneth Lemar Mitchell, the intelligent, eloquent speaking, debonair, articulate Author of The Loves Me Not Trilogy and the Creator of The Askari Sisterhood.

Kenny is not just my younger brother, he is the baby of the Mitchell clan. Even as a very young child, anyone spending time with him could tell right away that he was a very smart kid. Early on, he adopted his love of words from those around him that encouraged him. Our mother cleaned house for two white ladies, Mrs. Humphrey and Mrs. Smith. These women were school teachers who on occasion gave books to our mother. At this time, our small town didn’t have a library and integration was being introduced. Most reading occurred within a school setting and quality books were scarce beyond the 3rd grade!   Luckily we had a mother who promoted literacy. She loved for us kids to read passages from the Bible. You must understand how important this was. As a kid    growing up during that time, ambitions were rare. Further education? Most women of color were expected to become Teachers and the men, to study Agriculture. There were no real dreams of further education & college. Reading was not important to the vast majority. We, myself, Kenny and three other siblings (sister, Karen, brothers Paul and Alfred) would often witness our eldest sibling reading. Annette was a very bright girl. She was a voracious reader who whole heartedly indulged in books like The Godfather & Sherlock Holmes. She introduced our household to these novels as well as African American Authors. Another individual whom had a great influence in planting the love of the written word was another family member. Our Uncle WC placed in our hands comic books. Kenny and I would read them then I would create our own comic strips. Kenny was always a leading character in these literary escapades! Not only was he a main character, he was my only audience. But we didn’t mind. As I stated, this was during the time of integration, war was at hand. Being from a small, rural town, there’s something about the   monotony of living among those pine trees. Yet another great reason to fall in love with reading! If someone has in them a will to be successful, the mind will find a way. If destined, it matters not where one comes from. I always knew that Kenny had a vivid imagination. He has taken his love of books and the written word, so deeply instilled, and has set about this path of being an    Author. A big brother wishes him well on this journey.
Nash Mitchell resides in Aurora Illinois with his wife. His favorite books are Go Tell It On The Mountain by James Baldwin, Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak and Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. Nash states that 85-90% of everything he knows came from reading.

Vol. 1. No. 1. Social Readia. FreedomInks' Online Literary Magazine. November 2014.

Mellie Miller, FreedomInk’s 2013 Multifaceted Gem, stops by SR and talks about her creative     process, 2nd generation Authors and what she feels is the Future of Books…
Before she became a part of the FreedomInk family, I had an awesome first interview with Mellie Miller. I hope you enjoy the Q & A!
Social Readia: I thoroughly enjoyed reading Gambler’s Folly. What is your creative process when composing a new book?
Mellie Miller: A song. A thought. A dream, especially a reoccurring dream! I place myself in the role of the character and I write.
Social Readia: What are you working on at current?
Mellie Miller: I am currently preparing ‘Jareth: First Lord’ for re-release. The book is the first in the Esperance Series. The other two novels in the series are ‘Viviane: First Lady’ and ‘Connell: Heir of Belfort’
Social Readia: Awesome! That reminds me that public accolades are in order. Congratulations on being named an official Author of FreedomInk Publishing! Way to go!  Please tell us about the 2nd generation Author in your life who also happens to be a FreedomInk Author.
Mellie Miller: My daughter Dawn has a fantastic mind! She has survived a tragic experience and still maintains a broad perspective. We hope to compose a volume of mystery novels based on the Little Willie Rhymes. Dawn is absolutely honest. Her ability to separate familial ties from the task at hand, makes her an incredible critique; she is my Chief Editor. Dawn is currently composing her first work of nonfiction, Darkness Before the Dawn. Did I mention, Mellie has another daughter that writes?
Social Readia: What is your favorite or the most influential book you’ve encountered to date?
Mellie Miller: They are two in the same. The most influential book I’ve encountered, so happens to be my favorite book of all time! ‘By Right of Conquest’ by  Arthur Hornblow. I have had the book since I was 16 years old and I treasure it to this very day.
Social Readia: Mellie, I’m aware that not only are you well versed, but you are well traveled also! Within the States and in the World at large, what do you foresee is the future of books?
Mellie Miller: Reading seems to be more popular abroad. There is a greater respect for the written word. The cultures are not so enamored with technology and the importance of education is stressed. The latter may have had a direct affect on the interest in books. Readers are encouraged. Within the States I believe that English courses and required reading are discouraging our youth! Why is Shakespeare required reading? I feel these chosen titles should capture the youth’s interest, it would help if modern books were  introduced.
Mellie Miller is an Author with a rare talent. She  has mastered the art of captivating her Reader. Kudos to Mellie on attaining this enlightened phase of Authorhood and for being recognized as FreedomInk’s, 2013 Hidden Gems Multifaceted Recipient! Check out Gambler’s Folly!

Vol. 1. No. 1. Social Readia. FreedomInks' Online Literary Magazine. November 2014.


  1. I personally love Shakespeare, but I would encourage high school English classes to bring out his comedies as well as his tragedies. He wrote some very humorous things! One of my favorites is The Taming of the Shrew. Young people have enough trouble during the teen years, what with hormonal shifts and finding their place in the world. They don't need more tragedy. Give them a laugh.

  2. Since this interview, two books in the Esperance series have been released. Jareth, First Lord and Viviane, First lady. You can find them on my author page at Amazon!